A Guide to the Oxford City’s Top Activities

Are you planning on taking a trip to Oxford or in the city? Well, why not take advantage of this golden opportunity and experience everything that the City of Dreaming Spires has to offer? In this blog, we will go over everything you need to do while staying in Oxford. So, let’s get started!

What Are The Famous Tourist Destinations In Oxford?

It is no surprise that Oxford is known to be the home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University. However, there is a lot more to this city than what meets the eye. This city has given birth to countless politicians, poets, and Nobel Prize winners, and it is a great place to explore, especially if you are a history buff. Here are the top 6 activities you need to do in Oxford!

Get A Pint At The Tap Social Taproom

In the UK, you have not experienced the real culture of a city unless you have visited the local pubs. If you wish to socialise, Tap Social Taproom is the best place to make new friends in the city. It is a local brewery that employs ex-prisoners to give them a second chance at life. Located just outside of central Oxford, it has great beer on tap and holds different weekly events, including standup comedy, movie nights, open-mic, and live music.

Enjoy The Divine Schism Show

If you are on the lookout for new underrated musicians to add to your Spotify, you should get a taste of the Oxford music scene. The Divine Schism Show consists of various independent artists playing at a variety of music venues across the city, arranged for a music promoter. Here you will find every genre of up-and-coming acts, from pop and rock to punk and indie.

Have A Picnic On Port Meadow

If you are a more outdoorsy person, you can visit the beautifully scenic port meadow. This natural wonder is located on the edge of the Thames River, and there are many wild animals, like ponies and cattle, that graze on the grass at all times.

It is the perfect place to have a lovely picnic, bask in the soft evening sun, or even enjoy a good book. You can live out your fairytale fantasy, and there is also an inn with a lovely garden called The Perch nearby if you are in the mood to grab a drink.

Visit The Blenheim Palace

The Blenheim Palace is a huge country house with extensive gardens and prominent figures tied to its history. Not only is it the birthplace of Winston Churchill, but it is also the place where Charlie Chaplin, Sylvester Stallone, and Bill Clinton have stayed during their visits to Oxford. A variety of festivals and events are regularly held on the property, and you are free to tour almost every nook and cranny once you visit.

Go To The Pitt Rivers Museum

You can also visit the Pitt Rivers Museum, which is home to some of the most extensive collections of ethnography specimens. In the enormous gallery, you can find tooth-sharpening tools, mummified animals, blowpipes, ancient tattooing tools, and even libation sticks, presenting a unique window into past civilisations from across the world.

Take The Ashmolean Museum Tour

Another museum that should be on your list of places to visit is the Ashmolean Museum, as it is the oldest public museum in all of Britain, with a vast library of artworks by famous painters like Raphael, Turner, and even Michelangelo.

To Wrap Up

Oxford City has a plethora of fun and educational activities for you to enjoy. The six places mentioned here give you the perfect taste of everything, whether it be a picnic on Port Meadow, a trip to the Pitt Rivers Museum, or seeing the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

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