Exploring Must-See Attractions Around Cambridge

Thinking about visiting the Silicon Valley of the UK? Cambridge is more than a city of scholars and colleges; it has many lovely places to see and fun activities to partake in. In this blog, we will highlight all the best spots to see in this city so you can truly have the time of your life during your visit. Let’s start!

Top 4 Places To Visit In Cambridge

When you think about Cambridge, the first thought that comes to your mind may not be a tourist attraction but rather the land of scholars like Newton, Darwin, and Hawking, but there is more to it.

This city has a lot of things to offer, whether it be retail therapy for the local market, enticing museum tours, or restaurants serving delicious cuisines in a charming ambience. There is truly no shortage of things to do when it comes to the City of Perspiring Dreams!


There are two museums in all of Cambridge, both having the best collection of curated art, antiques, and historically accurate displays.

● The Polar Museum is on Lensfield Road and showcases polar exploration charts by famous explorers like Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott. It also has many displays highlighting the equipment used, clothing worn, journals written, and pictures taken during these explorations. There are also exhibits with ship models of these brave gentlemen, as well as the last messages left by Scott’s crew on their final venture.

● The Fitzwilliam Museum is on Trumpington Street and was originally started by a Cambridge alum in the 19th century. The exhibit consists of over 500 thousand artworks and antiques, including paintings from famous artists and Egyptian mummies.


There are also two extremely famous bridges in Cambridge that are worth visiting: the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge.

● The Bridge of Sighs is located in St. John College across the River Cam. It was built in 1831 and is an architectural wonder with its pointed arches and tracery windows, indicative of the neo-Gothic era.

● The Mathematical Bridge is located in Queens College, across the River Cam as well. It was designed in 1748 by William Etheridge in such a way that its structure would make an arch even when it was made from straight timbers only. Later on, it was built a year later by James Essex the Younger in 1749 with bolts and rebuilt in 1905.


The Great Mary’s Chruch was built back in 1010, and the Round Church was constructed in 1130. These are two of the most famous historical churches in not only the UK but also the world. Both these are worth visiting and present a unique chance to experience historical architecture first-hand.

The Round Church is located on Bridge Street and features Norman pillars with carved stone faces. On the other hand, the Great Mary’s Chruch is situated on Senate House Hill and has Victorian stained glass windows along with expansive seating galleries.


A trip across Cambridge is incomplete if you do not take advantage of the academic wonders it has to offer. To make sure you get the full Cambridge experience, you need to visit two main libraries in the city: Wren and Pepys.

● The Wren Library is situated on Trinity Street and has a vast collection of 77,000 books and 2500 manuscripts, including the original Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne.

● The Pepys Library is located on Magdalene Street and originally featured around 3000 books, including medieval manuscripts and a depiction of the 1540s Royal Naval ships.

To Wrap Up

If you wish to explore the wonders and rich culture in Cambridge, these places will be must-visit attractions that you cannot ignore. Whether it be the exhibits at the Polar Museum, the architectural marvel of the Mathematical Bridge, or the Norman pillars of the Round Church, the City of Perspiring Dreams can be your calling to embark on a historical adventure. To visit all these exciting places, you can book a cab transfer from HYFLY Taxis, as our drivers are trained and certified to give tours across the city. Happy exploring!

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