How Do You Stay Safe In A Taxi?

There has been a total of 161 recorded cases of sexual assault related to Taxi and Private Hire vehicles in the past year of 2022, and around 1095 recorded cases in the past five years. This is a huge issue, especially if you regularly book transport services or drive a taxi.

How can you ensure your safety as a driver or a passenger? In this blog, we highlight all the necessary taxi driver and passenger safety tips so that you can always stay safe on the road!

Top 10 Taxi Safety Tips

Taxi safety tips are your best friend, especially in today’s uncertain society. As more and more people become aware of the rampant crime rate, many professionals are finding ways to help people stay safe in their respective fields. As a Cambridge taxi services company, we have assembled our team of vehicle safety specialists and drafted the most effective list of ways to stay safe while riding a taxi.

1.     When Travelling, Ask Your Hotel To Book Your Taxi

If you are travelling and need an early morning or late-night ride, ask your hotel to book a taxi. Under any condition, do not step out into the street and hail down a taxi. Many hotels also offer the service of booking a taxi to pick you up from the airport. This is especially useful if you are visiting a foreign country or have to take a ride late at night.

2.     Book Your Ride In Advance

Advance bookings are allowed by almost all reputable private vehicle service companies, like HYFLY Taxis. Not only will it allow you to rest easy knowing you are all set beforehand, but you will also be safe from scams where local taxi drivers partner with a thief and send them the location of the taxi route in advance only to have your valuables stolen from you.

3.     Recheck Your Emergency Contacts

Emergency contacts can be your saving grace. Many people set their emergency contacts and then forget about them for years. You do not want to be stuck in a dire situation and end up dialling an unresponsive number when this could mean the difference between life and death. So, before even planning to go out or take a taxi, check your emergency contacts. Update the ones that are not in current use and then save them.

4.     Use GPS Tracking

Always enable GPS tracking whenever you are travelling or going to a place you know is a little remote. This will allow you to be rescued in time in case you get lost or get into an emergency. Terrible things usually come out of the blue and come with no warnings, so make sure you are prepared for the worst.

5.     Only Take Licensed Taxi Services

A taxi service is perhaps the safest travel method if you take other private transportation modes. This is because most companies want their passengers and drivers to feel safe when it comes to taxi safety. Therefore, they hire only licensed and professional taxi drivers with tons of experience in their repertoire.

The best way to find out if your taxi is licensed is to ask for the registration and taxi number in advance and see if it matches up when the taxi finally arrives. Another approach would be to book a taxi at HYFLY Taxis, as all our taxi drivers are licensed and have decades of experience.

6.     Never Show Your Money

Waving around your cash will do nothing but get you into trouble, especially if you are travelling. Ask the taxi driver you hire if there is any online payment option, according to these safety tips. With the rise of e-payment platforms, there is a good chance they will accept it, or you can pay in cash. But be sure to only carry as much as you need because this has the potential to be a huge issue.

7.     Don’t State Your Location Loudly In Public

If you are in the process of booking a cab, do not, under any condition, state your location or where you are going in public. This can give potential stalkers or creeps a chance to tail you and try to pull something heinous. Instead, try texting your driver where you want to go, and if you have to talk on call, keep your voice to a low cadence.

8.     Come To An Agreement On Taxi Fares Before The Ride

Contact your driver or the taxi company beforehand to discuss the fares. Agree upon the estimated charge to avoid any issues. If any bargaining or problems arise, do not lose your cool and stay calm. Simply pay the driver and later on complain to the company. Sometimes, drivers can be very upset and end up making unwarranted demands. It’s important to know how to keep your head about you as such an angsty situation almost always leads to violence.

9.     Always Sit In The Back

Sitting in the front seat with the driver in a taxi is never the right option, irrespective of your gender. This is because it puts you in close proximity to the driver and makes you easy to overpower. Another issue is that it is very restrictive, and the driver could pull up next to a building or car, and you are effectively trapped within the car.

Instead, sit in the backseat in the centre. This will allow you to stay vigilant without being in close range of the driver. It also allows you the luxury of two exits and gives you ample room to keep your bags.

10.Stay Alert

It is important to be aware of every single act of the driver. Use Google Maps to see which route your taxi driver is taking, and keep an eye on the meter to see how much you are being charged. Many drivers will resort to taking longer routes to run up the meter. Be wary of taxi safety at all times. Stay vigilant throughout the duration of the ride, and make sure no one takes advantage of your negligence. Riding in a taxi is not the time to turn off your brain and relax.

11.Use A Translator Or Learn A Few Phrases

When travelling, either use a translator to communicate with your taxi driver or learn a few common phrases so they know what you are talking about. People who think you understand their language are less likely to be hostile towards you.

12.Never Put Your Bags In The Trunk

Putting your bag in the trunk of the taxi is a rookie move. It puts you at risk, as you are effectively trapped within the vehicle unless your luggage is taken out of the trunk. In such a condition, when an emergency occurs, you will have to choose between your luggage and safety. This is a choice no one should have to make. The best solution for Taxi safety is to keep the luggage next to you on the seat or hire licensed taxi services like HYFLY Taxis.


These taxi driver and passenger safety tips are designed to help you stay safe no matter where you are. Just be sure to follow them to be safe. You can also pick the safer option of hiring a service, like HYFLY Taxis, that allows you to stay safe no matter where you are in the UK. Happy travelling!

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