Can Private Ambulances Provide Patients with Greater Autonomy in Managing Their Healthcare?

Have you or anyone you know had to use a public ambulance in an emergency situation? If you have, then you’ll know why the patient care of these medical vehicles gets less than stellar reviews.

Of course, the paramedics and EMTs who are trying to save lives by any means possible are not to blame. The sole responsibility for maintaining the efficiency of the public ambulance sector lies in the consistent budget cuts on the NHS funding each year due to inflation.

Luckily, there is a way to circumvent these issues without compromising the level of care. In this blog, we explore the wonderful features of private ambulances and how they provide enhanced medical care. Let’s get started!

How Do Private Ambulances Operate?

Private ambulances are owned and regulated by private transport companies. These ambulances tend to go through regular quality and safety checks. Another thing to note is that they are driven by verified drivers accompanied by certified EMTs and paramedics. This allows them to ensure that any medical issue that occurs mid-transit is swiftly dealt with.

In the same vein, these medical vehicles also come equipped with first aid kits and wheelchairs to ensure accessibility to all types of passengers. Additionally, private ambulances also tend to be more readily available, with the option to schedule them for a specific time. Here is how a regular private ambulance ride operates:

  • Go on the website or call the private transport company you wish to book your ambulance from.
  • Pick the location of pick up and drop off.
  • Select the time and date.
  • Opt for a one-way trip, drop off and return trip, or a wait and return trip.
  • Now, all you need to do is stay ready for when your ride comes to pick you up.
  • In case of emergency, you will have a professional to take care of all your medical needs.
  • If you need some entertainment throughout the journey, there will be some options available to pass the time.
  • You will also be provided with some water and snacks to munch on throughout the ride.
  • If you need assistance getting in or out of the ambulance, you can request it beforehand.
  • You can just enjoy your ride without any worries.

HYFLY Taxis provides private transport to people throughout the UK. So, for example, if you need comfortable and secure transportation to a hospital in Cambridge, you simply need to schedule a ride from their hospital transfer taxi service.

What Are The Benefits Of A Private Ambulance?

The ample benefits of a private ambulance are not lost on anyone, especially in the UK, where the quality of healthcare is consistently suffering due to budget cuts and understaffing. This is a huge issue that can only be resolved at the government level, but a more immediate solution to such an issue is hiring private ambulances.

1.    Readily Available

Availability is one of the best benefits of hiring a private ambulance. Where a public ambulance may not be able to reach you on time, private ambulances can be scheduled for any time from any place in the UK.

2.    Accessible To All

These ambulances have wheelchairs, stretchers, first aid kits, emergency equipment, and trained medical emergency staff, including EMTs and paramedics. These facilities make the entire private ambulance service accessible to all types of people, whether they have specific mobility issues or an ailment that needs to be monitored mid-transit.

3.    No Restriction To Distance

When you use a private ambulance, you do not need to worry about how far your destination is; in fact, these ambulances are specially equipped to cover long distances. A good example of this is if you need to be transferred from one medical facility to another in a different city but cannot compromise on your medical care in the ambulance, then you can hire a private service and travel in comfort.

4.    Convenient

Any type of private transport is relatively much more convenient than its publicly available counterpart, but this is especially true for private ambulances. These vehicles are not only easy to schedule but also provide a level of convenience with their availability, accessibility, and comfort, and there is no restriction on the amount of distance you wish to travel.

5.    Cost Effective

Private ambulances also tend to be less costly than NHS ambulances and provide a better level of care. Even when they are not cheaper, they tend to make up for it with various amenities and comfort.

Additionally, companies that provide private ambulance services are able to bill your private insurance company directly without you having to deal with any of it. This significantly takes a lot off your plate in a situation that is already stressful from the get-go.

6.    Highly Flexible

These medical vehicles tend to be more flexible than their publicly available counterparts. It may often be the case that when you call emergency services for a medical emergency, sometimes they are so understaffed that they need to prioritise the cases with more urgency. This results in your immediate needs being overlooked in the face of those who need medical assistance instantly.

In such cases, private ambulances can be a godsend. All you need to do is call them, and they will be readily available to provide you with medical assistance or a trip to the hospital.

7.    Luxury Of Choice

Another benefit of hiring a private ambulance is the availability of choice. If you get in a public ambulance, they are required to take you to the nearest hospital. This may be great in an emergency situation, but in a non-emergency situation, when your doctor does not practice in the nearest hospital, you may find public ambulances to be more inconvenient than helpful.

In such cases, having the choice of where your ambulance will take you is a great privilege to have. When you hire a private ambulance service, you can instruct them to take you to any medical facility of your choice at any time of the day. This is especially helpful for people who cannot ride in regular taxis due to some medical issue and have a scheduled doctor’s appointment at the hospital.

8.    Perfect For Keeping On Stand-By At Events

Many people choose to hire private ambulances to keep on stand-by at their events to ensure they are unholding safety regulations. The staff of such ambulances is equipped and ready to handle any situation that they may come across on a massive scale in a public gathering of people. Such events include concerts, festivals, conferences, and sports matches.

9.    Comfortable

The level of comfort offered by such services is unmatched. Although, when using an ambulance, comfort may be the last thing on your mind, the reassurance of some level of luxury does not hurt. Being comfortable and relaxed throughout your private ambulance is a great privilege to have, especially if the destination is a stressful place like a busy hospital.

To Wrap Up

Private ambulances are an excellent alternative to public ambulances, especially in the UK, where the healthcare system is suffering from a lack of funding and staff. Private ambulances provide readily available, accessible, and cost-effective medical transportation, with trained staff and ample amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

The next time you or a loved one needs non-emergency transportation to the hospital, consider HYFLY Taxis as a reliable option. Stay safe and healthy!

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